“The whole natural system of the Earth—the Air, the Water, the Trees, the Fish, the Birds, the Animals, the People—is one life system.

“Since white people stepped into this land, everything has been destroyed. Everything is changed. The Water is polluted, the Air is polluted, the Trees, the Plants, even the People’s minds...

“The Creator gave us a natural ecosystem. At a certain time of the year the water flow slows down and the water level also goes down, and during this time different species lay their eggs and also the fishes lay their eggs in the water. By the time the little eggs have hatched, the rains come and the water flows back to a higher level. By that time the little Fishes and Insects and others have learned how to take care of themselves. At the same time little Grasses and little Trees have had enough time to grow and rise again. The Animals, Birds, and Fish cannot read the minds of People and cannot know when you raise and lower the water levels. That is why they are dying. They only know how to follow the natural system.

“When you try to control the natural system, the system must seek to protect itself, it cannot be controlled. It controls us, and if mistreated it can fail us. And if that happens, all the knowledge you have, all the power you have, all the technology you have, all the money you have will be useless.

“What I see is nothing but roads, building after building, city after city. What we see is no future. What you are doing is wrong. You are not protecting your future generations.

“If the natural system is restored, we can see a future. If not, there is no future.”